How to choose a hat?

The choice of such a headdress depends on many factors. You need to take into account both age and physique, and what kind of head you have (in terms of shape), what type of person, and for what purpose you get a hat. Naturally, your financial possibilities will also influence your choice.


Look at yourself


What do you see there?

If you are a tall person, you do not need a too small hat. If the growth is medium and lower, try not to buy a hat with too wide margins, because in this case, from the side there will be a clear imbalance between the bottom and the top. How to choose a headpiece in the form of a face? Now let’s define with hats for different types of face. The square face looks quite manly, but at the same time quite rude. Its features can be mitigated with the help of a headdress made of soft natural material – leather, suede, knitwear. This effect will work even harder if you drop the fields slightly.

Nixon Logan Cuffed Beanie



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