Fillet is a fiber obtained from various short, animal fibers that are interconnected by their natural tendency to snore and swell when exposed to water and steam. Fillet is the strongest natural material because every fiber is connected in different directions with adjacent fibers. At the same time, it is light, elastic and waterproof.

If it exists, the bow should always be on the left side of the hat, as men, who were going to battle, always wore a feather of feathers from their lady on the left side of the hat to show their love.

The general rule of hat color is that the hat should reflect the color of the coat or, if a person does not wear a coat, the color of his suit and shoe. But sometimes some color variations are acceptable. For example, a gray hat looks elegant with a navy coat, especially if a gray suit wears under it. Another interesting variation is the green felt hat with a brown coat of coats.

If it’s a good size hat, you hardly need to feel it on your head. The ends of the hat should barely touch the tips of the ears. Remember that hats can and a little bit to get expensive so they should never sit comfortably on their heads as soon as they are bought.

A wearing hat man must respect certain rules of conduct related to it. It gives a person a certain comfort, and at the same time a responsibility. It was said that there is only one way in which we can recognize the true gentleman by observing the first thing he does when he enters the house. If we immediately removed our hat, we would know that probably, if he did not remove his hat, we would know that he would pretend that if he did not have a hat at all, we would know that there was nothing gentle or true.