Whether it was an iron helmet that was worn by soldiers as a protection, a crown that marked the king, a ragged fang cap worn by border guards and Indian scouts, or a high hat of a wide rifle of Puritan, each spoke specifically about the person wearing it .

Except as they marked the position of a person in society, hats were always an indivisible part of men’s wardrobe. Therefore, until the middle of the twentieth century no well-dressed gentleman would have dared to appear in publicly revealed heads. By developing a more informal society, hats have recently lost their great popularity. In fact, during the sixties and seventies it was very hard to find a person wearing a hat. Perhaps this was due to the popularity of people who did not wear hats like J. F. Kennedy, perhaps it was yet another sign of the rebellious era of the sixties, perhaps because of the long hair or perhaps because of the fitting suit of European cut on the top of which every hat would look like a sombrero. However, no matter what the reason was, the hats disappeared from the fashion scene more than thirty years ago, but now they often reappear.


Hat production in America began in the mid-seventeenth century. Over the next hundred years, this industry grew so rapidly that by 1744 all residents of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania wore their homemade hats, as opposed to other clothing, 90% were still imported. Namely, the American hat industry was so strong that the English filaments filed a government petition in the hope that it would halt the export of the hat from the Colony.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the hat of contemporary hats got shape, and in the mid-1930s all the basic hat styles, which we know today, have become the foundation of the hat industry.


A lot of people believe that the hat is an indivisible part of men’s clothing. This can be true, but it must be added that it is not easy to wear a hat today and look natural. Either way, the hat greatly contributes to the look of a well-dressed man, and in the style of the hat and the angle under which he is placed on the head we can safely determine the mood and personality of the person who carries it.

Those who want to wear a hat should be careful when choosing, because all hats do not fit every individual. For starters, make sure that the height of the top of the hat and the width of its periphery are in proportion to the size and shape of the head and face.

A man with a narrow face must wear a hat of a narrow rim, otherwise the shadow of the hat will show the face even smaller. On the contrary, the person of the round and wider face must wear a hat with a wide perimeter. The rule that should be kept in choosing a hat is that the distance from the center of the forehead to the top of the hat should be equal to the distance from the chin to the middle of the forehead. But there are exceptions. Because the hat can make someone higher, the lower people can choose hats a little higher top, rejecting those lower ones.