Cold months bring low temperatures and we are exposed to its adverse effects. For winter you need to prepare warm coats, comfortable boots or shoes. We must not forget the protection of surface parts of the body, such as the ears, nose or the entire face. Choosing a suitable hat protects us from the direct impact of cold.

As there are different types of women’s winter hats, there are different models and men’s. The so-called baseball caps or scrollers are very popular because they look good with urban, sports or semi-formal appearance, although they were previously connected exclusively with sports. They are simple and modern, and because of their cheap prices, they are available to everyone.

The advantages of the scrollers during the winter are the protection of the head / hair from rain or moisture and partial protection of the face from the application of rain or snow. Since we do not cover the scalp with a scroll wheel, it’s clear to us what would be a drawback. But today, on the market, can also be found scrollers with fur coat overlapping and protecting the ears.

The scrollers are mostly made of cheaper materials, but there are also those made from sheepskins that provide long-lasting protection. The most popular and most attractive male winter caps, especially among the younger population, are so-called. beanie hats. They can be made of polyester, wool, acrylic fibers, cotton and the like. The quality wool and polyester hood is quickly dried and drained and recommended for hiking or running. Beanie caps in which the outer layer is knitted increases waterproofing and the inside of the microflue keeps heat.